Why you should use a marketing freelancer

Why you should use a marketing freelancer

Why you need to hire a freelancer for your business

Have you thought about hiring a marketing freelancer but you’re not quite sure if it is the right thing for your business? Maybe you’re not sure of how to go about it. Or unsure of what a freelancer can do for you. You’re not alone but outsourcing your marketing can make perfect business sense!

Since the easing of lockdown businesses are now reviewing their plans. After months of dealing with essential day to day operational issues such as working safely, furlough arrangements and cash-flow issues they are now looking at a restart. It is of little surprise that during this period marketing has taken a back seat and been put on pause.

We are all busy trying to embrace the new workplace norm. As we restart, we ask where now and where should my business focus? Well, this is probably the best time to engage a marketing freelancer and hire-in some complimentary marketing support to help you refocus.

Hiring a freelance marketer can bring many benefits to your organisation. Why – well freelancers are experienced in picking up the slack and are there to do the work you can’t. They can work for anyone, from anywhere, at any time.

What exactly is a freelancer?

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freelancer is a self-employed, independent person who offers their skills and services to several clients on a flexible basis. They’re not directly employed by a single company or committed to one specific customer.

For instance, a freelance marketing consultant is likely to have a wealth of experience working for a variety of organisations in the past. They will provide their services on their own but most likely have a wide network of other contacts built up over the years. Freelancing is not a lifestyle that suits everyone but it is definitely on the rise. Industry figures from July 2020 show there are over 2 million freelancers operating in the UK alone. source: microbizmag

Number of UK Freelancers in the UK

How can freelancers benefit my business?

Given the size and popularity of the freelancing market all of this, are you curious about how your business can benefit from using a freelancer? Don’t get me wrong this type of partnership is not for everyone but working in this way can bring great rewards. The trick is to get the right fit and understanding how it. Here are a few reasons why you might consider them as an option:

Providing greater value

If you hire the right freelancer you can reduce your marketing costs, receive better service and get a higher return.

This is because a high percentage of the people in freelancing are ones with a track record of achieving results. They are self-starters who have their own business. However, as with any type of hiring, it’s important to do your homework to find the right one for your business needs.

Note the use of “value”. Yes, using freelancers can be cheaper than using an agency or employing someone in-house. You also have access to package options to give you the resource you need when you need it.

  • Day/hour rate: A set rate of pay for each day or hour you work for the client.
  • Project fee: With this approach, you agree a set fee to deliver a project
  • Retainer: A retainer is a set amount you’re paid monthly for completing ongoing work

A freelancer only charges you for the time they’re actually working on your projects, so you won’t be billed for holidays, sickness, pensions, National Insurance, training or coffee breaks!

Agility to match your needs

No doubt work has changed. The complete working landscape has changed and alongside that, people’s expectations have changed. It has happened much quicker than anyone could have ever predicted.

Every business needs to look at how it can be more agile. Freelancers understand this perfectly. It is one of the key reasons they get hired. Working within less traditional structures and hours is one of the biggest reasons that employees chose to go down the freelance route in the first place. They also realise that if a client comes to them, they need results and need them quick. So working out of office hours and on a short-term basis is quite the norm.

Overall freelancers are a lower financial risk. They work on-site or at your location to fit around your local needs and offer a variety of work options:

  1. Day/hour rate: a set rate of pay for each day or hour you work for the client.
  2. Project fee: this is where you agree to a set fee with your client to deliver a project.
  3. Retainer: here you agree a set amount paid monthly for completing ongoing work.

The upshot is you have control to add resources and skills when you need them. If you know what type of marketing support you are looking for then hiring a freelancer is easy and quick.


Most freelancers have usually worked in several companies before deciding to become a freelancer. Many are well-rounded professionals. This gives them a broader perspective when it comes to marketing and the way they look at the business world. So, when it comes to your business they can jump in and act on the gaps in your marketing.

As business owners themselves, freelancers are totally invested in customer service and their reputation. They will have spent many years building up their credibility. Many will have spent time in various companies building up a great deal of experience and an extensive network of suppliers and other freelancers. That’s instant access to a network of skills and resources to dip in and out of. There is a huge pool of talent available.

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Birmingham A City of a Thousand Trades

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