Returning to Work After Lock down

Returning to Work After Lock down

New social distancing rules mean our working environments will change. Some who have already returned have seen huge changes.

For office staff, there will be new concepts in dealing with their health and safety after lockdown. Honestly, the thought of working in this type of segregated ‘cells’ seems very oppressive. Other solutions with transparent screens are more open and but even these ‘better’ designs will take some adjusting to.

What about the ‘water-cooler’ and kitchens? I miss those fun conversations and social catch-ups. These will certainly be change!

As a self employed marketing consultant I work from home, so sticking to social distancing is not a problem there. I’m now the very best of friends with my coffee machine and I believe our relationship has gone to another level!

But I also used to hot-desk and co-worker spaces. It’s a great way of connecting with people. As was business networking, absolutely key to new business and I’ve met great people at these events. Online meetings are a great tool. I have been an advocate for a long time. But you really can’t beat face to face meetings, a more engaging and fuller experience.

It will be interesting to see how our environments and habits evolve. Safety is key but there are changes and everyone will need to adapt.

Why Freelance?

Why Freelance?

People often ask me why I chose to become a freelance marketing consultant.  Well, one of the key reasons I chose this path was the flexibility it gives you.

During the past few days had been intense. I was writing the content for a complex and very technical article for a client. I have just completed it and I was feeling very satisfied after hitting the send button.  I had spent a lot of time researching technical standards and regulations. Now the article was completed and safely in the hands of the client for review. 😎 Time for me now to take a break and refresh my creative thoughts.

Working as a freelance marketing consultant means I can work from home and when needed close myself off from any outside distractions. It means I can focus on greater periods of intensity when you need to really dig in.  But after those periods of intensity, we all need to take time out to refresh our thoughts.  Allow our brain to reset and clear the decks so to speak.

This was such a time.  After delivering the article it was that time to step away from my laptop and reward myself with a lunchtime walk. Working from home and as a freelancer means that I am fortunate in that I can generally choose when to take a break.  So when the weather is so nice, as it was today, it’s great to do just that.  Later that day I return to my work and catch up in the evening time with other projects.

This is just one of the reasons I chose to become a freelancer.

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